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If you were accused or charged with a crime in Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Harrisburg or another Pennsylvania metropolitan area, then this is the only site you will ever need.

PA Top Criminal Defense is a FREE service which helps people who are facing prosecution to find the best criminal defense lawyer in Pennsylvania. Our service assists you in selecting the defense lawyer closest to your location with specialized experience in your specific legal need. We also give you the lawyer’s qualifications, background, and years of experience.

The local defense lawyers in our Attorney Directory have guided thousands through the Pennsylvania criminal justice process and are highly experienced in all types of criminal cases, including, criminal defense dui, drug defense, federal defense, felony offenses, motor vehicle offenses, violent crimes, domestic violence, restraining orders, theft crimes, sex crimes, probation violations, criminal appeals, white-collar crimes, and many more.

Defense law firms on our Pennsylvania network are educated and experienced in all aspects of criminal law and apply the same dedication and determination for success on cases ranging from petty theft to murder.

High quality, criminal defense law firms

PA Top Criminal Defense Lawyers are extensively evaluated and carefully selected based on their education, experience, expertise, integrity, professional achievement, and commitment to clients. These local defense lawyers must also have extensive knowledge of Pennsylvania criminal law and a superior track record of handling criminal cases in Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Harrisburg or other Pennsylvania metropolitan areas. And finally, PA Top Criminal Defense Lawyers must submit to thorough background checks, where all qualifications are verified – from their education to their experience to peer reviews and recognition. This rigorous screening process is conducted to ensure that clients who retain one of our local defense lawyers are confident that they are getting the best criminal defense in Pennsylvania.

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Click Find a Lawyer or call toll free 1-877-3LAW-911 to find the right local defense lawyer for your legal needs and to schedule a free consultation to go over your case in more detail. Your consultation is completely confidential and your contact information is kept private and never used for any other purpose. At the end of your discrete case evaluation, if you feel the attorney is not right for you, you are under no legal obligation to retain his services. This means you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! So contact us now, and get the top criminal defense lawyer in your area working for you!

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